Real Time

Real Time

                                    Real Time
| 1 h 17 min
Canada Screens
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In this comedy drama, a hit man (Randy Quaid) gives a down-and-out compulsive gambler (Jay Baruchel) one hour to live. The movie, which takes place in real time, begins when Andy, a hyperactive gambler, is plucked off the street by the calm yet imposing hit man, Reuban, who vows to finish him an hour hence. In his final hour, Andy is educated about his life’s mistakes, visits his former workplace, old school and grandma, gets shot at, and gets the crash course of his life on luck, love and the choices we make with the time we’re given.

This film contains scenes of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • director
    Randall Cole
  • producer
    Julia Rosenberg
    Paula Devonshire
    Ari Lantos
    Brian Mosoff
    Peter Soltesz

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