| 56 min

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A study of the wily brown rat, humankind's unwanted companion throughout the world, whose bite on the world's food resources adds to the growing threat of shortage. In a normal, free-ranging environment, the rat is more than a match for its hosts and colonies flourish. Under abnormal conditions of restricted space and limited food, a rat colony loses all 'social' constraints on behaviour. The film has implicit analogies for all animal behaviour, including humanity's. Plagues, predators and extermination attempts are among the topics discussed.

This film contains scenes of nudity and/or sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • director
    Gilles Thérien
  • script
    Gilles Thérien
  • producer
    François Séguillon
  • commentary
    Yvon Charette
    François Séguillon
    Gilles Thérien
  • camera
    Laval Fortier
  • sound
    Claude Hazanavicius
    H. Nicklaus
  • editing
    Sidney Pearson
  • sound editing
    Suzanne Allard
  • narrator
    Budd Knapp
  • music
    Guy Lachapelle