Inside the Atom

Inside the Atom

| 10 min

This short documentary offers a look at Canada’s Chalk River Project in the late 1940s. While humanity pondered the ultimate threat or promise of atomic energy, Chalk River scientists worked on the first set of experiments that attempted to apply atomic energy to medical and biological uses. Inside the Atom examines this frontier of science and assesses its value in terms of human progress.

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  • director
    Jack Olsen
  • editing
    Jack Olsen
  • producer
    Sydney Newman
  • script
    John K. Rooke
    John Rae
  • camera
    Jean-Marie Couture
  • music
    Eldon Rathburn

  • sixam

    Thank you for posting a sober and objective film about the benefits and hazards of nuclear energy.

    sixam, 17 Feb 2014