First Novel

First Novel

| 29 min

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In this short 1958 fiction film, a young man gives up a steady job to tackle the uncertain task of writing for a living. In telling his experiences, this film conveys a general picture of the literary field in Canada and the incentives it offers, or fails to offer, the creative writer. Opinions, encouraging and otherwise, are expressed by a Canadian publisher, a television producer, and friends of the young writer who want to see him make his mark.

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  • director
    Donald Wilder
  • producer
    David Bairstow
  • script
    Mordecai Richler
    William Weintraub
  • photography
    Eugene Boyko
  • sound
    Frank Orban
  • editing
    Stephen Timar
  • sound editing
    Victor Merrill
  • cast
    Len Birman
    France Johnson