Deadly Deposits

Deadly Deposits

                                Deadly Deposits
| 11 min

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This short animation traces the coronary investigation by two doctors of a victim found dead in his department. Strangulation? Suffocation? Poisoning? A debate ensues as to whether or not the victim died of environmental causes due to his decades working in a rayon textile factory. The film takes a funny look at the very serious topic of airborne pollutants, and offers an entertaining opportunity to learn about their accumulation in our everyday environment.

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  • director
    Jay Falconer
  • producer
    Dennis Heaton
    Julie Stanfel
  • executive producer
    Floyd Elliott
  • script
    Alison Snowden
    David Fine
  • camera
    Tom Brydon
    Lynka Belanger
  • sound
    Patric Caird
  • music
    Patric Caird
  • editing
    Alison Grace
  • animation
    Sheldon Arnst
    Andy Bartlett
    Norm Roen
    Dieter Mueller
    Danny Antonucci
    Shelley McIntosh
    John "Moose" Pagan
    Russell Crispin
    Al Sens
    Deb Dawson
  • re-recording
    Paul Sharpe
  • voice
    Doug Parker
    Shirley Miliner
    Phil Hayes

  • Lalondey

    The Best film ever

    Lalondey, 3 Feb 2016