CAMPUS is your online media portal for 21st-century learning, designed to help you see, understand, and experience the world differently!

CAMPUS is a rich and relevant collection of 5,200 documentaries, animated films, interactive productions, and short films in English and French, with more than 1,700 exclusive titles.

CAMPUS is a treasure trove of educational resources that foster deep learning and creativity, sharpen critical thinking, promote digital literacy, and shape global citizenship. Created with the needs of today’s learners in mind, these resources can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

CAMPUS is also a wide selection of study guides, a chaptering tool, and learning bundles with clear connections to today’s major issues. Our content is organized around three key themes: environment and sustainability, Indigenous voices and reconciliation, and diversity and inclusion.

CAMPUS is more than just a media portal. It’s your digital gateway to grasping the world we live in — and a set of educational tools designed to help learners make a difference.



With its chaptering tool, CAMPUS allows you to draw on our rich film collection to create your own chapters, selections, and descriptions. This intuitive tool provides relevant and personalized content to meet your learning objectives.


Our study guides highlight the amazing diversity of our collection and explore content through activities designed by Canadian teachers and experts. The guides are categorized by film or production title.


Enrich your institution with CAMPUS, the media portal with a global perspective

Join the growing community of CAMPUS subscribers — thousands of schools, public libraries and institutions, and community organizations. Our unique online media portal can transform your space into a place of creative and collaborative learning that explores current issues and promotes digital literacy.


Updated quarterly, MARC Records facilitate easy and accurate searches using existing library search tools. The IP authentication services allow content to be distributed throughout your institution.


Our learning bundles are packed with NFB films and directly linked to school curricula. Categorized by grade level and an array of themes, the bundles also include study guides and resources developed by our partners.

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